Wiring harnesses and electric assemblies

MOVIE - wiring harnesses assembling

We are improving our production capabilities implementing own built tools and working stations. Dedicated assembling table supports all operators against mixing cable colors and housing cavities. We achieve lean, repeatable process with 100% quality control.

MOVIE - Macromelt overmolding

Macromelt overmolding tool is great solution for low series products like customised grommets, sockets and plugs. Aluminium forms are low cost and easy in implementation.

MOVIE - SUBCONTRACTING assembling line

We are subcontractor in assembling electric and electronic products. According to customer requirements we are designing process, arrange logistics issues and building assembling lines and testers.

GALLERY - Machines for cable processing

We are continously developping and improving our machinery park for cables processing. We do have capacity for all standard operations like cable cutting, crimping, sealing and printing. Pressing machines are equipped with force monitoring and statistical process capability monitoring.

GALLERY - resine potting

Resine potting - used for insulating plugs housing and terminals.

MOVIE - Manual soldering and overmolding

Professional tooling and team trained and working according to IPC-A-610 i IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards.