Wiring harnesses and electric assemblies


Z. E. Omega Ltd. is focused to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and highest quality level. We recognieze that skilled worforce and best quality has direct impact and is essential for our customer's success as well as our own. Our goal is to supply competitive products and service.
Our quality is checked in multilayer process:
- before serial production as process validation and order release,
- during production secured by special assembling tooling, Test Jigs, and Poka Yoke solutions,
- during production, in process inspection by our Technicians and on line testers
- Every assembly is 100% tested before it leaves our facility

Our operators and inspectors are trained with reqirements according to standards IPC-A-610 PL and IPC/WHMA-A-620 PL.

We are UL registered company according to ZPFW8 i ZPFW2 standards (UL E351588). We are working according to ISO 9001:2008 system and continously improving to reach ISO TS 16949. For customer request we submit PPAP files, we have experience with FMEA.