Wiring harnesses and electric assemblies

Case studies

Case studie 1
One of our clients – global supplier and leader in measurement equipment manufacturing (heat and water consumption measuring) used to buy from us processed cables. Next step in production was soldering, resin potting and final assembling which was made in client facility.
From many years we warranted 100% quality and 100% on time deliveries - because of that our client proposed us to be subcontractor of other parts of the process. Especially for that project we designed assembling line, trained operators according to IPC standards and build testing tooling. Within one month we managed to implement new production process and supply to our client semi finished products. That allowed our client to save costs on assembling based on Polish production costs and also save space in his facility and use it for higher quantities final assembling.

Case studie 2
Our client – manufacturer of pressure sensors possesses few facilities on different continents. We are supplier of certain s type of cable harnesses to European factory. In 2012 Japanese factory suffered problems with cable harnesses deliveries. We received inquiry if it would be possible to double that certain production and arrange deliveries to Japan. Cable, which used in that products is imported from China. Nevertheless to keep production continuity we took the challenge to support our client. Out team together with our suppliers managed to double production with less than 10 days and send first supporting delivery to Japan.